George and Ginger Festival Fever Blog Tour!

This is my very FIRST Blog Tour! I couldn’t be more excited to join all of these amazingly talented ladies on this tour!


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When I think of a Summer Festival, I think of a music festival.  I spent a lot of my younger years attending Summer Concerts galore. I might not strike you as the music festival type, but guess what?! You’re wrong! Music is a huge part of my life and has been since I was very little. One of my favorite things to do is just sit back, listen to music, and let it take me on a journey. I like pretty much every single style of music.  I’m currently listening to Tom Petty, but I can often be found listening to everything from Billy Joel to Eminem (two of my sewing room favorites).  Anyway you put it, music is life and always will be to me.

Long story short, when I heard that George and Ginger was doing a Festival themed Blog Tour, I knew I had to be a part of it! I decided to create my look based on a local music festival–Beach Fest, which is a concert series on the Beach in Atlantic City, NJ.  This year they’re featuring The Chainsmokers, Demi Lovato, and Sam Hunt.  I’d love to be able to catch one of the shows this year (fingers crossed) so I planned my Blog Tour outfit around the concert.

I decided to start with a bathing suit.  I decided to hack the crap out of the awesome Road Trip Bodysuit and try it out as a bathing suit.  I had something really similar pinned on Pinterest, and I thought that I could easily make a similar suit using the Road Trip.

LOFT Beach Lace Up Bikini Top

Cute, right? The top is practically the same as the Road Trip.  I grabbed some plain black swim fabric and got to work.

The first thing I had to do was decide where I wanted to cut my bikini.  I decided to use the “lengthen/shorten” line already marked on the original pattern pieces.  I simply chopped my pattern pieces right there and began cutting my fabric.

Now here’s where things get a bit more complicated.  For a bathing suit, you always want a lining, for obvious reasons.  For the top, I simply cut 2 front bodice pieces, basted them together and treated them as 1 piece.  I didn’t line the back bodice.  For the bottoms, I cut 2 of each piece and essentially made 2 “shells” sewing 1 front and 1 back at the sides and crotch, and repeating with my lining.  I then put them together wrong sides facing each other.

The other major thing I had to do to turn my Road Trip into a bathing suit is add elastic to certain seams.  This allows the suit to get wet and not get saggy or stretched out.  In order to do this, I simply added 1/4 inch swim elastic to my neckline, armcyce, and leg hole seam allowances.  I also added some elastic to the bottom of my bodice and the top of my bottoms then turned it under and top stitched.  Everything else was done per Kristi’s awesome instructions, the only change is that inside those bindings you see is some elastic to keep everything where it should be while I’m swimming.  Tah-Dah! Here’s the finished product!


G&G blog 4G&G blog 9

Didn’t it turn out so cute?! I can’t wait to wear this down the shore.  It’s super comfy and practical, but also super stylish and on-trend.

Now I totally needed a cover up to go with my beautiful new suit.  I once again hacked 2 more patterns because I can’t help myself.  I thought that the Bonnaroo tank would be adorable as a dress, so I decided to mash it with the dress length RuLo.  I also decided to use stretch mesh fabric so that my awesome bathing suit can still be seen through my cover up.

This hack was pretty easy.  I simply lined the pattern pieces up at the arm and followed the Bonnaroo from there up and RuLo from there down.  Easy peasy and I LOVE how it turned out.  I’m totally going to make a trillion more in non-mesh fabric to wear all Summer long.

G&G blog 21G&G blog 24

Ok where’s my adult beverage? I’m ready to relax on a beach and listen to some good music!

Can this be life all the time please?


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